Spring has sprung

This weekend brought the first day of spring and finally some really nice weather. The saddle hunt is still on going. SO many options, but I have not been able to commit to pressing submit for committing to any on trial. In the meantime, my Frank Baines is luckily doing the job for both horses during their rides. If I was just searching for one saddle I am sure I would have it by now, but three all while staying in a semi decent budget has proven more difficult.

both enjoying no sheets!

The weather in PA has finally steadied out to be much warmer and sunnier than most of our winter. Longer days at the barn mean actually grooming the caked mud layer off of my horses and tidying up their appearance. I had let both grow out quite a mane for the winter. Luna needed to grow hers out because her mane likes to flip flop sides if not long enough, but Montego was starting to really look like a ranch horse. Thinned and cut both their manes and debated bathing both but decided to wait until a bit warmer weather and mud to roll in afterwards.


I have been getting some awesome rides on them both. Montego has seemed to really enjoy his time off and is now eager to get back to work and Luna has been really fun getting started, figuring out her baby brain and seeing her true colors. My farrier came out Monday to finally remove the snow pads. He absolutely adores Luna because she truly is the best behaved baby for other people. However, Montego always loves to give him a hard time snorting and being completely incorporative with him every time he comes. It’s like he becomes my 5 yo. The weekend before Luna had pulled her LF shoe again while doing a downward transition in the ring. I think she now has pulled this same shoe ever 3 weeks since I’ve owned her even while wearing bell boots 24/7. Farrier recommended we give her one more cycle to see if strength training and working more helps her way of going, if not we will try hind shoes to see if that helps her move a little more correctly.

caught both fully zonked out in the field together

My dressage trainer is coming up from VA Easter Weekend, so while unfortunately I will not be able to lesson with him, Friend S offered to ride him for me since her horse will be doing another clinic that same weekend. Friend S has much more dressage experience than me and has been training with our trainer for a long time, and she rides Montego really well. I am excited he will get some “training” rides put on him while I am gone. I think it’ll really help for our show debut this year.

2 thoughts on “Spring has sprung

  1. ooh exciting about Montego getting to go to a clinic!! also, re: saddles, idk how far you are from Maryland Saddlery’s Hockessin, DE location but i’ve had WONDERFUL luck trialing saddles from them before. they’ll ship saddles *from* any location *to* any location, and i believe trials are either free or pretty low cost. i’ve used them just to try sitting in lots of different things and figure out what i like and what works etc


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