Review: Horse and Herd Lick Treats

Luna is one of those horses that is an absolute menace in her stall. She truly is a pig pen mare that poops and pees wherever she wants and then sleeps in it no issue. She also is very inquisitive and I often find her hay net unattached and in the middle of her stall the next day. When she got stuck on the fence and spent a little more time in her stall than normal I wanted to buy a couple of things to keep her entertained. The jolly ball I bought was a complete bust, she could have cared less about the thing. But she has always been a big fan of her salt lick so I decided a lick it might be worth it. She absolutely loves the grain lick treats, but the actual sugar brand she eats through way too fast and it gives her some sloppy poops for a couple of days.

Enter Horse and Herd Lick Treats. Originally I saw these on Instagram and was impressed by the limited ingredient lick treat for a decent price. I ended up buying the three pack to try out for my two horses.

Horse & Herd was started in 2019 by native Swede and lifelong equine enthusiast Kajsa Wallin. H&H is currently a one-woman-show run out of a small manufacturing building on a ranch in Southwest Montana. The Lick Treats are crafted in batches of eight and the handmade production process ensures the highest quality in durability, taste and appearance.

Naturally made, small business, and woman owned…sign me up! These treats were packed in the most adorable packaging and came with a bonus hand fed treats (smaller versions of their treat balls). Immediately took these balls out to the barn and tied them up in the stalls and watched my horses go nuts for them. I needed to figure out how to hang them from the ceiling because my two just like to push them up against the wall and eat them.

Peep a very jealous Chace in the back

Each ball lasted about 3 weeks with my horses being inside every night. Luna really enjoyed the Flax Lick Treat which is smoother and gets a bit stickier than the grain treat Montego got. Montego got the pink salt treat because he refuses to lick a salt block or eat salt in his food, but hidden in this fun treat ball he was all for it.

The third ball I ordered actually ended up going to a friends horse (Montego’s stall neighbor- Chace) because as you can see in the pictures he was very offended that he too did not have a treat ball to enjoy at night! Chace I think might have loved them the most. For the first 10 mins it was hung in his stall he was OBSESSED. His eyes bugged out and he didn’t pay attention to anything else. His owner actually had to take it out of his stall over night because she was worried he would just eat only that!


I like that these treats have limited ingredients than a typical Lik-it or Uncle Jimmy’s Ball. The grain is a bit softer and does not leave my horses mouthes super sticky afterward. Only downside I see is that they will be a haven for the flies in Spring/Summer. So a great Fall/Winter treat for those bored stalled horses, but I think would just get too gross in the heat of summer.

so good must lick with eyes closed- Montego

Very excited to have found this company! Will definitely be placing my order again soon as they both finished their balls this week.

5 thoughts on “Review: Horse and Herd Lick Treats

  1. I ordered some to try and I’m super excited…except they’re currently lost in the Billings MT Distribution Center and haven’t moved in a week. Hopefully they’ll get moving soon? The owner is lovely and offered to replace if they’re damaged or don’t show up but who knows how long it’ll be before I should give up. Certainly a week is too short. Ah, USPS strikes again!


    1. Oh no! USPS has been the worst! I hope you get yours soon! I have had packages that have been going some really weird places before they finally arrive to me. They have been a complete hit with my guys 🙂


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