Corona Crazy

PA was one of the first states to start stricter quarantine rules, but I have been fortunate that my job can be done 100% virtual so not much in my day to day life has changed. Montego is boarded at a small private barn with 5 other boarders, so as of now, the barn owner is allowing us to still come visit and ride with extra safety precautions put in place.

I was definitely bummed to see many of the shows around us cancel until mid-may, but have been using this extra time preparing for those shows and online shopping. The online shopping has gotten a little out of control.

First, I took full advantage of the 20% off sale that Equizone is offering for Easter. I had been eyeing new Pioneer boots ever since Amanda at 900 FB Pony reviewed them on her blog. I decided to go with the Atena Boots with a black patent top.

I also found this really cute mesh show shirt that looks like a comfy material and I loved the fun design. I’ll likely be waiting a couple weeks for the semi-custom boots to arrive but am excited when they do.

My next big purchase was the Pixio Riding Robot. I have been wanting to try soemthinbg like this to better record my riding without having other people there. Luckily, one of my friends at the barn was also interested in it so we split the price and also bough the upgrade to work with our smart phones too. I just finished setting it up last night so hoping to try our first video this week.

A little while ago, Riding Warehouse was also having a 15% off site wide sale so naturally I needed more things. Also thanks to 900FB Pony, I’ve been wanting to try the Majyk Ice Boots. These boots looked like they would be a little more effective than the current ice boots I have. RW is also having a promotion that any $100 spent on Majyk products you receive a free riding backpack. I LOVE my Noble Outfitters one, but it will be nice to try this one as well as a backup.

I’m sure I will have more items get added to my cart before this quarantine is lifted. Let’s hope its sooner than later.

Monsieur “Montego”

I thought I would start with introducing the main player of this blog my new horse Montego. He officially became mine shortly after I graduated from school in 2019. I had no intentions of owning another horse so soon after Belle, but as life normally happens it was unexpected but too good of an opportunity to pass up.

Some Fast Facts:

  • Show Name: Monsieur (I’m staying with the French theme)
  • Barn Name: Montego
  • Birthday: February 7th, 2007
  • Height: 16h
  • Breed: Swedish Warmblood Cross (I don’t have any papers, but I was told his Sire was 100% Swedish Warmblood and Dam was 50% TB and 50% Percheron)
  • Favorite Treat: Peppermints
  • Fun Fact: His mane and tail are wavy like they just had braids taken out

Although Montego only became mine in May 2019, I actually met him first back in November 2016 right after I had sold Belle. I attended college in Maine, and while I was away at school I decided to find a barn to ride at up there as I was missing my riding time. I was looking at a couple of barns in the area, but when I arrived at Montego’s barn the rest was history.

Montego in Maine 2016

During my tour, the barn owners mentioned a horse that may be available for possible lease as his owner was looking for some additional help with his training. It’s going to sound crazy, but when I walked out to his field to meet him it was like we were destined to find each other, a feeling you can only really understand when you find that heart horse of yours. I continued to lesson and lease Montego on and off while I was at school and timing perfectly aligned he became for sale right around graduation. About a month later, I brought him back to Pennsylvania and we jumped right into life as a pair.

He’s the horse I have always dreamed of owning. Runs to me in the field, often acts more like a dog than a horse (must be a gelding thing), and is game for any adventure I have. I am looking forward to achieving many of my riding goals with him, including moving up the levels in Dressage.

Back to Blogging

New Year, New Goals, New Look. I am going to try to start blogging again and actually stick to a more consistent schedule. Back in 2011, I bought my first horse. A 4 year old OTTB named Belle. She was the original inspiration for my blog “From Racehorse to Princess” where my love of writing, and mostly reading blogs started.

Unfortunately, with the sale of Belle in 2016, I ended up deleting my blog due to many potential buyers cancelling their appointments after Googling past blogs of her. The blog then was a place for my thoughts during her training progress to see how far we had come and the many lessons I had learned. I admit she was not the easiest horse to start, but 4 years of training she finally ended up being a really nice horse, just not the horse for me.I ended up using my story as my college admittance essay to get me into my dream school. When I left for college in 2015 I decided to sell Belle.

Me and Montego May 2019

Fast Forward to 2020 and I find myself to be a horse owner again. Welcome Monsieur, known around the barn as Montego, to your blog! I will be posting more about mine and Montego’s journey together and our continued training progress as we aim to dabble in a bit of everything, mostly Dressage and Jumping. I hope you all enjoy our adventures!