2021 Wrap Up

This post is about a three months over due, but let’s just say 2022 has been a doozy! Nothing bad, just super busy in all aspects of my life. Work has been non-stop with some really long days that by the time I get out to the barn I have ZERO motivation to put any brain power towards anything else. One exciting life update in January is I moved to an apartment closer to the barn which will cut my commute time from 30 min to 5 min. The apartment is perfect, located on another local horse farm so its been really fun to be able to look out my front window at horses every day, and perk, it has an indoor so I can easily haul my horses over to school more easily now that my trailer is closer.

I don’t know about the rest of y’all in warmer climates, but January has been a TOUGH month for those of us in the Northeast. Between some uncharacteristically cold days and never ending snow, ice, rain riding in an outdoor has been pretty difficult. Forecasts are looking more promising for a warmer February and maybe I can actually get on my horses more frequently than I have been.

Now looking back at our 2021 goals: it was a good year overall for the three of us! I was promoted in my job and the horses made some really great leaps in their training.

2021 Goals for Reference-

Of our 2021 goals we made some decent progress in them maybe not exactly what I set out for in the beginning of the year.

  1. 3 Recognized Dressage Shows- So we completed 1, but did get to a lot of competitive school shows. I think Montego and I have officially wrapped up our Training Level season and are excited to get into 2022 with our First Level Debut.
  2. Buy a Trailer – CHECK, got my Cotner in May and I do love it. Do I wish it was a bit taller for my giant princess of a horse, yes, but it does its job getting us from point A to point B which is a game changer.
  3. Off Property Experience for Luna – Well this one was a big bust, but we did make it off property 2 times in the same weekend for a clinic. The first time took her about an hour + to load so we are now working on trailer loading as a new goal.
  4. Blog more Frequently- This goal I am pretty proud of myself for sticking to. It might not have been every week, but it was the most frequent I have blogged in a long time. Very excited I have this journal to look back on for years to come!

I have not officially made my 2022 goals yet, but clearly need to get to it because Q1 is almost done! One of my personal goals is to travel 1X a month which has been going to plan. Off to Wellington at the end of March and I could not be more excited. Here is to a hopeful and accomplishing 2022!

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