Still Here

GOSH! I have seriously slacked off in the quantity of my blogging in this last Quarter of the year. Work picked up and has been so crazy most of my days are working until its dark and then running out to the barn with whatever time I have left to love on my horses. With daylight savings, I wasn’t able to get to the barn before dark and we did not have working lights until this week, so hoping in the New Year I will get to ride a bit more during the week.

Top 7 things that happened in the last 7 weeks or so…

  1. Montego and Luna dress up for Halloween! Our theme was Monster’s Inc. Definitely get yourself a 5yo that lets you put a paper plate eyeball on her head.

2. Montego and I finish out our 2021 Show Season for dressage. Ended up Reserve Champion in the championship show. Overall happy with our show season, definitely completed some of our goals and looking forward to starting First Level in 2022.

3. Luna naturally got injuries. Somehow this horse stuck her leg where is was not supposed to be and got the smallest puncture wound on her joint. Luckily with meticulous cleaning and care it resolved itself pretty quickly, but boy was that fun!

4. Barn got new footing in our ring. Major upgrade from the firm dirt/sand mix we had before. Now we are all enjoying a beautiful black rubber mix that feels like riding on a cloud!!

5. Crazy weather changes here made Luna’s tummy upset and we dealt with a minor colic upset. Luckily a vet call later, some banamine, and fluids turned out to be all she needed to feel better. Seems like she’s a bit sensitive to the weather changes and stopped drinking as much as she should. Now I think I have about every water additive to get ahead of that for the future.

6. Montego got his yearly clipping. He was drugged because this horse HATES clippers and still somehow busted through the sedation in about 15 min. We got through everything, so now he’s all ready for our winter training.

7. It has been 1 year with Luna and 2.5 years with Montego in my life and I am so lucky that they are! They both are really so different but have been so much fun to ride and train. Looking forward to what 2022 brings for us all.

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