New Ride, Who Dis

As I mentioned briefly in my last post, I officially have a new to me trailer. I had been casually trailer searching this past year especially now that I have two horse that I plan on bringing a bunch of places. Two boarders at my barn have trailers and have always been so nice to invite me and my horses to trail outings, lessons, and shows; but not owning your own trailer you are always subject to their schedule. Most trailers that I have seen posted on Facebook have been selling within a matter of hours. I saw this one posted immediately messaged the owner and then it was a bit of a waiting game. She had a few cosmetic fixes she wanted to do before selling it, but I was sure at that price I was definitely going to miss out on another trailer.

hello gorgeous!

Lucky for me I must have been the least annoying person pestering her about this trailer and she knew I was seriously interested so it did end up luckily being mine!! Something I had on my goals for a while was learning to drive and own a trailer, and I am really happy it all fell into place right before our little show season began.

Its already had its maiden voyage with Montego in tow. We attended a local schooling dressage show. First time showing Montego this year, first time ever driving my horse in a horse trailer, and first time ever driving MY horse trailer. I was a bit scattered brained by the time we got there, but everything went so smoothly I could not be happier.

blank canvas of a tackroom

There are a couple minor improvements I would love to make to the trailer to make it more comfortable for me and the horses, but I am really happy that I have this option now to take to more shows, lessons, and clinics when I want to. Now I need any and all recommendations of things you cannot live without in your trailer. The tack room isn’t huge, but not tiny either so I want to make sure I maximize my space and have all the essentials 🙂

Happy horse on the maiden voyage!

5 thoughts on “New Ride, Who Dis

  1. Congratulations! I am also considering getting a
    trailer, way down the road (no pun intended!). Did you find it difficult to learn to drive/maneuver it?


    1. After a couple times in a parking lot I got the hang of the length of the trailer. I find that its very similar to driving my big truck around just a little more length and width to be careful around turns! Congrats on the new horse!


  2. Congrats! I just got a trailer this spring too. The market right now is insane!
    So far, I’ve been very appreciative of the corner water tank it came with, and I bought some EquiPings so I don’t have to stress about tying to the trailer safely. Oh, and gorilla tubs – they’re flexible and easy to carry, plus don’t take up as much space.
    I board, so I’ve been using the trailer tack space as my tack room, so essentially everything I own for the horses lives in there, pretty sure no one actually needs to haul around that much stuff 🙂


  3. congrats on the new ride!! i have nearly the same exact one, except without a tack room (it just has wide open space in the nose, and extra wide escape doors on both sides) and have been really happy with it! it also fits my enormous 17h+ tb quite nicely


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