Mid Year Check-in

It’s hard to believe that it is June already. The first half of this year has really seem to have just flown by. I am glad as we get into consistently nicer weather, I have had more time to ride both of my horses on a more regular schedule. Daylight savings also makes this so much easier because the sun does not set until about 8:30 now which is amazing for some cooler night time riding. Half way through the year I wanted to look back more specifically at the goals at set at the beginning of the year and definitely make some adjustments for the next 6 months.

2021 Goals for Reference

Goal 1: 3 Recognized Dressage Shows- Right now we have completed 0 Recognized shows but have enough on the calendar that I am not too worried about this goal. I have entered Montego into our first Schooling show in June. I plan on riding him in Training 2 and Training 3 tests. I am hoping this show will qualify us for our USDF Area Group Championship show, but it will be a good test to get out this year and see where we are compared to last year. The recognized shows on my radar are a couple local (5-10 min from our home barn) shows usually run on a Wednesday. I try to avoid July and Early August shows just because I HATE the heat, but we have some in late August, September, and October to look forward to. My big recognized show I plan on entering is the Dunmovin Dressage at Devon show end of August. There is an adult amateur only show before and then a recognized show the day after so thats the show I have been looking forward too since they announced it would be at Devon in 2019. I am dying to ride down the centerline in those arenas so very excited it will be happening this year.

Ready to be back in the ring with this boy!

Goal 2: Buy a Trailer- I will likely have a follow-up post on this soon, but I officially have my own trailer and I could not be more excited. I have always been super grateful for awesome barn friends who are always willing for me to tag along to events and shows, but having a trailer of my own will make this so much easier and less dependent on anyone else’s trailer. It’s a 2007 Cotner Trailer in great shape and was a steal of a price so I am very excited to have this for our future adventures.

Goal 3: Get Luna off Property- This goal has been a bit of a bust and was probably a stretch at the beginning of the year anyway. She has been all over our property but with winter weather and taking it slower with her training, I have not been able to get her or Montego off property as much as I would like. I think re-evaluating this goal, I would love to keep her LF shoe on long enough to actually go on adventures, but if I can get her to a clinic or off-site lesson maybe once this year I would be happy. I have no concerns that I think she will be great in a new place, but really want her going more consistently at home before I start trailering her to lessons instead of Montego.

Goal 4: Blog Once A Week- For the most part this goal has actually been kept up with. There might be a couple extra days here and there between posts, but overall my blogging and instagramming has been so much more consistent than last year where I pretty much stopped for months. I love that this blog has turned into a bit of a training journal of our progress so I am happy I have been able to stick with it and keep putting my thoughts on paper (or website).

TBT to the first picture of me and Luna

Very excited with the progress of our goals so far.

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