Pretty Pony Pedicures

In truly girly girl fashion, Luna is a prima donna when it comes her feet. Luckily she is well behaved for the farrier, but as I have mentioned many times before she is notorious for losing her left front shoe at the most inopportune times. She is a wild woman in the field and loves to zoomy around and usually as she is giving her best reining horse stop the LF shoe just bounces right off with her. My other horses in the past have not had any serious reoccurring lost shoes but Luna its about 2-3 weeks and like clockwork no shoe. My farrier is an absolute saint that still keeps coming out as quick as he can to put the shoe back on. SO thankful he has not dropped us as clients yet LOL.

Now its seems like we have tried everything for this horse to try and keep her shoes on her. After about 3 cycles of throwing shoes, my farrier recommended back shoes for her. I noticed a big difference in her movement, but unfortunately that did not help her throwing that front shoe. Luna lives in thick and I mean THICK bell boots 24/7. While we ride, while she’s turned out… these boots do not come off. I have tried all types, Davis, Rubber, Neoprene: none seem to be the one yet to keep that shoe on. Yesterday she just ripped the whole shoe and bell boot off in one piece together.

I have some go to products that I have definitely stocked up on because of Luna. That includes: rolls and rolls of vet wrap for wrapping, duct tape, diapers. This was my go to for wrapping with the first couple times she continuously lost shoes. I also should just buy stock in Magic Cushion because this horse almost always has this on her foot. While she does not always do horrible damage to her foot when she does pull the shoe, she does get pretty sensitive on hard ground and easily stone bruises which leaves me with a lame horse about a week after the shoe is put back on. The minute she loses that shoe Magic Cushion is stuffed up in there to try and relieve any pain or heat that she might have already caused herself

After like the 4th time of her pulling her shoe, I bit the bullet and invested in those Sparkly Cavallo boots so I did not have to keep wrapping her foot myself. Anyone could just slip the boot on her and she can wear that out in the field for a couple of days until my farrier is able to make it out. She has some pretty weirdly sized feet, so I ordered a size 4 and 5 to try.

She is double bell booted on her left side. I am still trying to figure out a better solution because the two I have on her right now are not my favorite. I think around 2 weeks I am planning on turning her out with the Cavallo Boot and shoe and see if we can keep that shoe on the entire cycle. I’d rather her destroy the boot than her foot.

Open to any and all helpful tips for those with horses that love to only wear some of their shoes 🙂

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