Pollen and Shedding Blades

Spring is in full force and I am not complaining. My seasonal allergies are back and the amount of hair that I come home with on me every day from the barn are the best signs that the weather is finally warmer and here to stay. Spring has also brought on some new problems especially for Montego. He is currently separated from the herd because he decided out of nowhere to develop his stallion tendencies and has started mounting Luna and the other mare Tes in the field. Before I got Montego, he was only in solo turnout in small paddocks and sometimes had a gelding buddy, so while I knew his experience with mares was limited he has been with mares at our current farm for over a year and has had none of this behavior. I think a lot of it is that he is bored and Luna is a newer younger mare. Luna is a kicker too so all it would take would her to stand up to him one time and he’d cut it out, but of course the time I want her to kick she won’t!!! He’s been separated for about 2 weeks now, but as the horses are starting to go back out on the grass pastures he has been re-integrated and fingers crossed has not been getting into any trouble. I think he honestly is bored and luckily is such a piggy he’d rather stuff his face with grass than interact with the mares.

Peep the pony on solitary confinement…

Don’t worry, Luna has been getting herself in just enough trouble too. My farrier mentioned last cycle that if she kept throwing her LF shoe we should think about putting hind shoes on her to see if she moves a little better and gets that front left shoe out of the way. We were on such a good track and then one week before my farrier was supposed to come out….no LF shoe. At this point my farrier probably wants to kill me but luckily is a saint and is coming out earlier to do both of their shoes and put hinds on Luna. I am hoping this helps with her just chucking off this LF shoe whenever she feels like it. I am looking into Cavallo boots as a backup to wrapping it because my wrapping duties are not even up to par with Luna’s antics in the field.

How Luna?!

Wrapping job is subpar

The saddle hunt is still on, but I am one step closer to the finish line. I found a really nice 2009 Custom Wolfgang Solo online that looked wide enough for Montego. I took it on trial and it does not even look close to its age!! Full buffalo leather and has the most comfortable seat and short blocks in a saddle that I have ever ridden in. My legs finally feel like they’re in the right place for dressage. The saddle is now officially mine so I am happy I have something to start really training in again for Montego and my show season this year. Once I find a jumping saddle I like for Luna, I will probably have my saddle fitter come out again to make sure the flocking and fit is perfect for the two problem children.


Other than that both have been really great for riding. We are taking full advantage of this beautiful weather to get out and hack the hills for some conditioning work. My goal for Montego is to get to a schooling show or two in May and maybe a recognized in June. I like to try to beat the heat for show season. I think we both do a little bit better in cooler weather. I would love to get Luna off property to a couple of clinics or even a schooling show early summer. She has come a long way in a short time and I am excited to start jumping her soon.

3 thoughts on “Pollen and Shedding Blades

  1. Congrats on finding a saddle that you love! I will look forward to hearing about Montego’s showing adventures!


  2. oooh so pretty — i love the shorter half blocks so much more than the more traditional full blocks! and very exciting to be looking toward the season ahead 😉


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