1 Year of Coco Cheval

It’s been officially a year of some what of “consistent” blogging in my life and the first official post of Coco Cheval. One of my main goals this year is to blog at least once a week. I love having a place to be able to go back and look at the progress I am making with my horses. It is the little things like being able to look back a year ago and read my past blogs introducing Montego having no clue or idea that I would be so lucky to add Luna to my herd that same year.

high school me and Belle

I found the world of horse blogs when I was a freshman in high school. Back then, I had my horse Belle and planned on starting a blog to document my journey and training with her before RRP was even a thing. I even ended up using the blog as a starting point for my college application essay. Since then, that blog had been retired and removed once I sold Belle, but I still read up on many of my favorite blogs through the years. Many of the bloggers I’ve followed back then have disappeared or switched over to Instagram, but I have found a really great community of riders and horse owners that I have loved following their journey over so many years.

college me and Montego

My closest friends know usually when I am not paying attention to them in conversation I am likely over in horse blogger land reading about all of you and your horses. I am not huge writer, I like reading a little more, but something with blogging especially about horses really sparks my interest. I have met a few local bloggers coincidentally over the years, and everyone I have met has been so friendly and helpful giving the best advice from their experiences. I truly do this as a fun hobby, a bit like journaling to see my inner thoughts. I am excited to be more frequent in my blogging this year and as always love to continue the fellow bloggers that have come back to blogging!

10 years… later new horses, a more grown me

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