Shop ‘Til You Drop

With my less than planned vet visit two weeks ago for Luna and Montego’s birthday on the 7th I fell into a bit of a shopping rabbit hole. Buying new horse things always solves all your problems right?! And as many of fellow NE area bloggers know the weather has been less than conducive to riding. With only an outdoor ring, I haven’t ridden in a ring since early Feb YIKES!! Luckily it appears things are finally melting and we will be trailering out this weekend to a lesson so while Montego will be very out of shape, I am excited to get back to riding again.

These two can’t seem to stay out of trouble

My lack of riding time has led me to some compulsive shopping over the past couple of weeks. Overseas shopping seems to have peaked my interest more frequently. Amanda at 900 FB Pony completely destroyed me with introducing Epplejeck. I am on a hunt to find anything and everything burgundy/dark red for Luna and QHP has a great line in that color right now. She lucked out with a new fuzzy shipping halter, fleece schooling boots, a quarter sheet for lunging, and two new coolers.

Don’t worry Montego also got some pretty great things in my shopping haul. One of our local tack stores was carrying the Eskadron Heritage Deep Plum Brushing Boots and Saddle pad in stock which hello Purple and Glitter sign me up, but the price seemed a little high for me. So I took to the internet and found two new pairs for the price of one in the US at Equissentials Dressage in the UK. Got those and the matching saddle pad and wow they are even more pretty in person! Montego will be sporting this at his lesson this weekend so I will make sure to grab pictures.

For myself, I am now obsessed with the Kerrits Therminator and 3 Season Full Seat Breeches. They are fleece lined and so comfortable and flattering to wear. I added a pair of each to my wardrobe and should be set on Winter Breeches as Spring seems to finally be arriving here. I also finally got around to replacing my One K Defender Helmet that had a strap break. I sent it back to the manufacturer and my new one arrived just in time for show season. I am also still waiting on my One K Defender Bling helmet that I won in a raffle back in November. I am very very excited for this helmet. Just enough sparkle to add to my collection HA.

Anyone else impulse buying to pass the time this winter?

3 thoughts on “Shop ‘Til You Drop

  1. Money is SO tight right now but I did splurge on a pair of botori tights (I want another pair!) and a sweatshirt. They’re my first but I LOVE them. I’m not a tights person, but since I pretty much live in leggings now, why not add riding tights to the mix? I’ve been good about NOT buying more horse blankets even though I keep seeing sales… I mean, the more blankets you have, the more you have to pay to wash, right?

    Speaking of washing, I’m trying to talk myself into driving a load down to two old mares by the 15th so I can get 2 free waterproofings… But I need to be strategic and not wash what I’ll need to use! And I’m lazy and down want to drive.


    1. Ooh! I haven’t heard of those before but now I will definitely need to check them out. I love riding in tights, sometimes I ride in my Lulu leggings because they’re just so comfortable! I feel you on blankets, I think I could clothe another 2 horses with all my blankets…time to look into selling a few of those after washing this year!!

      Two Old Mares is my fav! Need to figure out what I am sending down this year, I want to have them convert some of my fronts to those Rambo closures!


      1. Did you see the wash 6, get to free waterproofing deal? I think that’s worth a drive down in the next week. I have a couple of Nay’s that I’d love to get some kind of front closure change, but I don’t know if I want the Rambo closure or just buckles to adjustable clips. So I’ll end up doing nothing because I’m cheap!

        The botoris are really nice. I can’t justify a second pair right now, but I do like them. Next winter I’ll get a fleece pair!


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