“I’m Going to the Barn”

Saw this post on Facebook and just thought it rang so true! I say these words often!

Credit: Jenna Sadecki 

“I’m going to the barn.” 

Anyone who has horses speaks these five little words quite often. However, many who do not have horses do not truly understand the value of this statement. “I’m going to the barn” means so many things. 

✨It means I had a long day at work, but my horses are deserving of my time and attention, even if it’s just a few moments.

✨It means I’m tired, but my goals and aspirations do not sleep. 

✨It means my horses need to be fed, buckets need to be scrubbed, and stalls need to be cleaned. 

✨It means my soul needs some peace.  

✨It means I need to be surrounded by people who love these animals as much as I do. 

✨It means the weather is terrible and I need to change blankets so my horses stay clean and dry. 

✨It means my horses need me and I will drop everything to be by their sides when they need me the most.

✨It means the weather is beautiful and it’s time for a trail ride or a gallop around the field. 

✨It means I always have a safe place to go, a place where I can truly be myself. 

✨It means my dreams have come true. 

To have not one, but two incredible horses that greet me every time I visit and give me their all every time I swing a leg over makes me the luckiest girl in the world. 

I don’t know what you’re doing or where you’re going today, but one thing is for sure…

I’m going to the barn.

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