The Best of Times….The Worst of Times (Luna Edition)

Owning horses is so much fun! I just have to keep reminding myself that after this week. Before the NE got hit with our snowstorm, I was able to sneak out to the barn Saturday for a gorgeous day. I had done some tack shopping in the morning with barn friend W and then headed back to ride both my guys after. It was so nice out that friend W and I really wanted to do a hack around the hayfield, but the last few rides out there with Montego have been less than calm. Since the farm we board at got 5 baby cows, Montego has lost his shit at the end of the farm. The baby cows “moo demons” as Montego refers to them as, have been living at the farm for about 5 weeks. All the horses can see them and hear them from their pasture everyday, and while no other horse cares Montego HATES them! Every time I even ask him to go near that paddock he starts snorting and spooking. Given that we have to pass that field to get out to the hayfield he isn’t fun the rest of the ride after that. So instead, I decided it would be more fun to take my 4yo baby Thoroughbred.

Well Luna was a ROCKSTAR for her first baby hack. We just walked a couple laps around the field but she lead 90% of the way and was just so brave and so calm (not that I had any reason to expect anything less). I hadn’t ridden or lunged her in about a week and I just tacked her up and jumped on. I am really impressed with the brain on her which makes he so much fun to work with.

Very happy with herself
First day on small paddock turnout *notice fat hind leg

Well fast forward to Thursday…we got about 8 inches of snow from the snow storm earlier in the week, and the horses haven’t been in work since then. As I was driving down the farm driveway, I saw our quite a bit of commotion of people running around in the field. I looked out and instantly realized Luna was stuck in the fence and could not get out. I still have no idea how she got herself in that situation, but both hind legs were on the other side of the board and wire fence and she was just sitting there definitely freaked out. Naturally my mind went to disaster brain and thought this would be the end to my baby TB. Luckily, the barn owners husband was able to quickly cut her out of the fence and she jumped out. When I finally caught her I realized she cut her back legs up pretty badly, but prayed that there was nothing more than that. Emergency vet came out and confirmed some how that all the wounds looked to be superficial. She recommended we watch for any signs of colic or internal bleeding, but she should be good (minus some swelling and soreness the next couple of days).

Friday and Saturday she definitely got swollen and I am sure she was SORE. I don’t know who wouldn’t be in that situation. She is on a regiment of bute, naquasone, small paddock turnout, and wrapping at night. I am seeing little improvements everyday which is some light after what I was thinking on Thursday. I am so thankful I am at a barn that the owners live at and she was immediately noticed and very quickly cut out. The outcome could have been much much worse. I’m sure we will have a little bit of down time until she is doing any more hacks around the hayfield, but I am just so happy my Luna girl made it out with minimal injuries.

Day 1 of injury *warning do not scroll if you do not like blood/open wounds

Horses man! You can’t live with them but most definitely can’t live without them!

2 thoughts on “The Best of Times….The Worst of Times (Luna Edition)

  1. oh Luna!!!

    My horses have been utter fools ever since we’re had snow on the ground. Today they were at their worst. I think they’re over it. I’m completely done with them. So, if you want another horse, you can have anyone but Jiminy. He’s the only well behaved one of the lot.


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