New Year, New Vet Bills?

Naquasone might be my new best friend in 2021 and all I can hope is that this trend does not continue. Luna arrived to the farm in November and was on private turnout for 2 weeks during her quarantine and then spent another 2 weeks with Paco (23 yo QH) that is the lowest man on the totem pole.

Crazy Obsessive Red Head

While she liked the company of Paco, I think she got annoyed with his obsessive behaviors with her. Eventually we slowly started introducing her to the herd. I knew Montego had to be one of the last horses to meet her as he can be a little studdy when it comes to mares. Turns out Luna is a kicker and thinks pretty highly of herself so she challenged some of the most established geldings in the herd.

‘free me from this prision’

First day she came in with a little cut on her hock with some swelling. And then about a week later, came in with a bump on her cannon bone that got pretty swollen overnight. Well one day before Luna’s swollen leg, Montego came in with a swollen sheath. He seriously looked like a stallion with balls but in the wrong place LOL!

Montego Sheath Swelling
Luna RH Swelling

Both on Naquasone they went! Montego’s resolved in about a day or two. Vet chalked it up to him being a fat lazy gelding who isn’t moving much with the crappy ground and this lack of movement caused some swelling in his sheath. Diet and increased exercise resolved his swelling issue pretty quickly. Luna was started on 3 days of Naquasone and 3 days of Bute. I kept wrapping her leg when she was in at night, but any residual swelling would resolve during turnout in the field.

1 week later and while she’s still got a little bit of heat right around the cut, the vet thinks its a subperiosteal hematoma which usually takes quite a while to go down. Since she hasn’t run a fever, is not lame, and does not mind me poking it pretty hard I am set to continue what I have been doing treatment wise. Sweating her leg every other night with wraps, and applying Surpass in the mornings before turnout. Luckily none were out of commission for riding and working, in fact movement seems to be helping both of their injuries.

Never on the same page unless it comes to needing a vet

Both are sure keeping me on my toes and up to date with my medical readings and applying of bandages, but overall very happy both are happy and healthy. I can with a few bumps and cuts along the way maybe just next time not in the same week!

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