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I am pretty spoiled when it comes to available places to board my horse. Living in one of the biggest horse counties in PA there are many options when it comes to boarding barns. I am even luckier that the barn I am at now is owned by Friend W who is even more particular than me when it comes to horse care. With Montego at her barn I know he is getting taken care of like one of her own horses which helps keep me sane. Friend W and her husband bought this property just last year after renting a barn for about 3 years. Its a small private boarding barn and she’s pretty particular who she lets in.

The barn and house are on 30 acres total with 12 of the acres being a large hay field or our conditioning track. The barn is a newer Amish barn built in the 90’s that the previous owners had built for horses but only raised Llamas in them. The stalls are HUGE! 7 stalls total each either 14X16 or 14X14, plenty of room for the horses to lay down. The tack room has 1/2 lockers for every boarder and one or two saddle/bridle racks depending on what tack they have. Friend W’s dad built the lockers himself so they’re custom made and have so much space to store everything you might need and way easier than trunks.

The large center aisle makes it easy to groom and tack up in and a large lighted wash stall for bathing. In the winter, the horses are kept in two of the lower pastures each with run ins and access to free choice hay. As spring and summer start up, the lower pastures (that get ruined during the winter) are rested and they’re alternated between 4 grass pastures. The grass has grown up so well this year the grass was up to many of their knees for the first couple of days! Each of the pastures has automatic waterers and most also have a run in shed for inclement weather or to offer a little shade.

Our ring is in constant process of renovations. Right now it is the original stonedust/sand that the first owner put in about 25 years ago. The barn owners have plans to make it larger to dressage regulation length and add a top layer of rubber to add in cushion.

Overall I could not have asked for a more perfect place to keep Montego. I am lucky that I have so many great options in my area for boarding. What are your favorite parts of your boarding barn or must haves where you keep your horses?

Hay Field/Conditioning Track

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