Mask Monday

With COVID-19 still shutting down most of Pennsylvania until June 4th, I have decided to fully embrace the masks in public places. At this point if I am going to wear them they might as well be cute and horse themed.

My first two fun masks were gifted to me on my birthday from Friend W at the barn. The unicorn one was made from one of her local friends and she got the dressage themed one from Two Old Mares. I have definitely been getting some longer stares and weird looks at the stores I still have to go in, but I love adding a little fun to this quarantine life.

I listened into the USEF webinar this week on some of the precautions they will be taking as they begin to start shows up again and it looks like masks will likely be a big part of our immediate future. Right now, they are advising anyone on the ground wear a mask; however, mounted riders will be exempt. So naturally I went online shopping and bought two more masks. Dreamers and Schemers is one of my favorite stores to buy cute designed socks from and now they are selling masks to be delivered end of May. I continued with my unicorn theme and added and Unicorn Donut Mask and Alpaca Mask. I’m sure as more and more stores come out with interesting face masks I’ll jump on that bandwagon too. I want to be safe and stay fashionable at the same time!

Montego has also gotten some new masks this week: fly masks. Besides the 35 degree day we had on Saturday, the warmer weather is finally here and so are the flies. With Riding Warehouse’s 15% off sale I got a Cashel Mint Fly Mask for him to wear with his muzzle as his long nose it too much material with the muzzle. Then I found the most amazing this and for $10 I had to buy it. Who can resist a Unicorn Fly mask! It is Professional Choice and a stretchy material design so it is pulled on and off really easily. The material is very light and airy so I think it will be nice on super hot days. I also like that is covers his skin completely where he just got bit by the tick. Incase we have another incident of that, I know the scabs will be completely covered.

Thoroughly not impressed
\More interested when I offer him treats as an incentive

Have any of you jumped on the fun mask bandwagon for you or your horse?

4 thoughts on “Mask Monday

  1. Nay Nay likes the stretchy masks (I have to check to see if he wore blinkers at the track), but the ones I have (old) are horse sized and I need cob because they come off… they do stay on for a few days after I shrink them in the wash. So yeah. Lol.

    I love the 2 Old Mares mask! I also preordered a couple from Dreamers and Schemers.

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    1. There are a couple of Montego’s field mates who could use some smaller fly masks as they are Houdini’s in getting them off!! Luckily Montego likes the protection from flies and will accept whatever I put on his face for now!


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