Supporting Small Businesses

While my shopping addiction during quarantine has most definitely gotten out of control, it has not been to only the large retailers. Some of my favorite small businesses have been having sales through early this year and I have been taking advantage of those sales as I continue to be stuck at home.

Mary’s Botanicals: I found this business through instagram and I always like giving natural products a try before those filled with a ton of chemicals and ingredients. I think I have about every horse product from her site minus the rat stick (PA just does not have the same rat problem as CA). All of her products smell amazing and I am confident that they are not hurting my horse because of the all natural oils and ingredients used.

Montego is very reactive to flies in the summer and I have found that this fly spray not only keeps the bugs away longer, but it leaves his coat shiny and hydrated rather than oily and greasy. The summer sore paste is my other go to product all year long. After our very wet Winter and Spring, Montego usually always comes out of turnout with some sort of scratches/greasy heel from the mud (one of the many perks of having a horse with 3 white socks).

Some of their other items that have made their way into my daily use include Muscle Spray, Fly Lotion, Bit Stick, and Hoof Spray (keeps thrush down).

New spray bottle because my clumsy ass dropped the pretty one

Next is Two Dark Bays Custom Tack: I found this store while on Facebook and was seriously impressed with the quality and design I had to order some items. My first order took place back in November where I got a really nice custom browband and jumping gloves for me and one of my barn friends! She can seriously crystallize anything you want! I chose the teal to purple ombre as their my favorite colors and a simple black to clear ombre for my dressage bridle.

Recently, TDB was having another sale so I got a white pair of dressage gloves with purple crystals for showing and a fun black silver glitter halter. Both products again were made beautifully and I know I will be ordering more in the future.

The customer service this business offers is amazing! From the beginning of my order Emily walked me through what choices in colors/designs I could make and puts them together beautifully! So happy to have found her business

Many people I follow on Facebook and Instagram have been posting about If The Bonnet Fits for quite some time, but I jumped on the bandwagon on recently and I wish I had sooner. Like I mentioned above, my favorite colors are Tealish/Turquoise and Purple, so when ITBF was having a sale on some similar colors I couldn’t help myself! Sierra offered the same amazing customer service as Emily with gathering certain design ideas my mind may not have come up with. I decided to go with 3 bonnets. Two for schooling and one a more formal show bonnet.

The final product was better than I could have even expected. The quality is better than the name brand bonnets found at tack stores and they are fully custom. I chose a closed stitch bonnet for all three and the the ear material for the mint and eggplant are a mesh lycra and the grape is full spandex. The idea behind the mint bonnet was to be a fun mermaid like design and it fits Montego’s head beautifully. I have not tried the others yet riding but will grab pictures soon when I do.

The shipping was super fast after the 4 week wait time for making, but totally worth the wait. Each bonnet comes in a small canvas bag to keep them clean and organized in your tack trunk.

The two purple designs were to match my LeMieux Jump Pad and Purple Woof Boots and the colors are spot on. I am hoping to get to use the Eggplant as a show bonnet once our dressage series starts up again. I think its subtle enough but still adds a bit of fun to your typical black and white dressage outfits.

What are some of your favorite small businesses to support? I am always on the hunt for new products to try!

2 thoughts on “Supporting Small Businesses

  1. ok i seriously love those sparkle gloves haha. and honestly, i thought that by getting an ottb i’d finally have a bonnet-friendly horse head to work with, bc bonnets are so cute! but…. idk, my horse has a gigantic star on an otherwise plain-almost-coarse head, and when you cover that star he looks completely different 😦 so i still don’t get to play with those fun bonnets. wtf. maybe one day!


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