Winter Wardrobe

The weather is finally looking more like Spring here in PA which means bye bye blankets, or at least the majority of blankets. Our days have been in the 50s-60s and nights usually don’t drop below 40s in the barn, so Montego has either been naked or in a light sheet. IDK about most of you, but I have a bit of a blanket problem. You can never be too prepared right?! Below was Montego’s blanketing options for this season.

Where I board, the horses are brought in every night during the winter. I really like this because it allows me to keep track of how much my horse is eating and drinking overnight and I think it gives them a nice break from the cold and sometimes very muddy pastures. Montego also LOVES to lay down at night; every morning he wakes up with new poop or pee stain on his blankets.

Turnout: Montego was clipped in November and again in January so he definitely needed to be appropriately blanketed this winter.

Rambo Duo w/ Hood: I bought this blanket in 2014 for my first horse Belle. While its a 78 it actually fits Montego really well who normally wears an 81. I like this blanket because one its lasted for so long with no rips or wear and two it can change to be many blankets in one. I have the 100g and 300g liners and the outer shell is 100g so it acts as my mid/light 100g, med 200g, and heavy 400g.

Amigo High Neck Medium: I only used this blanket once or twice this year when I did not feel like adding or removing a liner in his Duo. Its a really warm blanket and kept Montego warm and dry. I like the high neck too because it adds extra coverage without a full hood. Got this on sale at the SmartPak Store in the clearance attic so a good deal for a new blanket.

Schneider’s Lite Blanket: I also got this blanket on sale as a backup 100g before I fully started using the duo. Its constructed very nice and its in one of my favorite colors purple, but it spent most of its time in my tack box upstairs.

Amigo Disk Front Sheet: This was Montego’s main rain sheet this year. I really like the front closure disk but the sheet was a little bit lighter than I was hoping. Its good for warmer days when he’s clipped, but I prefer something a little heavier when its raining. I got the Amigo Bravo 1200 sheet on sale this season so I will likely be replacing the 900D for the 1200D next winter.

Stable: The barn stays about 20 degrees warmer than the outside temperature when all the doors are shut, but I still like to keep some type of PJ on Montego when he’s inside.

Our three go to were the Rambo Newmarket Cooler, Baker Stable Sheet, and Dover Comfy Cooler. He busted through buckle of the Dover cooler in about 2 weeks so that one got retired pretty early on in the season. The Rambo Newmarket was great on colder nights while the Baker sheet was a bit light during some of the warmer nights.

Do I have more blankets than I listed on here….definitely, but you always need to be prepared! What is your blanketing routine? Any favorite brands you can’t live without let me know!

One thought on “Winter Wardrobe

  1. excited to have found your blog! Montego is seriously cute. also before i got a horse i never understood why so many owners had so many blankets. but now that i have one of my own…. um, yea i don’t even want to count up his individual articles of clothing haha. for real tho, in this region i feel like you have to have at least 2-3 sheets on hand just bc of so much wetness lol….


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