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New Year, New Goals, New Look. I am going to try to start blogging again and actually stick to a more consistent schedule. Back in 2011, I bought my first horse. A 4 year old OTTB named Belle. She was the original inspiration for my blog “From Racehorse to Princess” where my love of writing, and mostly reading blogs started.

Unfortunately, with the sale of Belle in 2016, I ended up deleting my blog due to many potential buyers cancelling their appointments after Googling past blogs of her. The blog then was a place for my thoughts during her training progress to see how far we had come and the many lessons I had learned. I admit she was not the easiest horse to start, but 4 years of training she finally ended up being a really nice horse, just not the horse for me.I ended up using my story as my college admittance essay to get me into my dream school. When I left for college in 2015 I decided to sell Belle.

Me and Montego May 2019

Fast Forward to 2020 and I find myself to be a horse owner again. Welcome Monsieur, known around the barn as Montego, to your blog! I will be posting more about mine and Montego’s journey together and our continued training progress as we aim to dabble in a bit of everything, mostly Dressage and Jumping. I hope you all enjoy our adventures!

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